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They've Got SOME Nerve!! [09 Sep 2006|11:07am]
[ mood | enraged ]

Sex Scandal Kept Clinton's Eye Off bin Laden Threat

I was just surfing the Web, this morning, reading different things on the 9/11 anniversary coverage, when I came across this article, and it made me REALLY PISSED!

These people have SOME NERVE trying to claim that Clinton was responsible for September 11, because he was focused on the Monica Lewinsky scandal. If it weren't for Ken Starr and the right-wing Republicans butting into stuff which was NEVER any of their business to begin with - if they hadn't wasted MILLIONS of dollars of hard-earned taxpayer money to investigate something which should have been a private matter between Bill and Hillary, then maybe President Clinton, would not have been so occupied with trying to mount a defense and deal with the impeachment hearings, and instead could have focused more on other important issues, like terrorism, and the bin Laden threat.

If anyone is to blame for 9/11, besides of course, bin Laden and the murderous animal terrorists, it is Ken Starr, Linda Tripp and the others who distracted and harassed Clinton with unimportant matters which were private business and that had nothing to do with his job as President, or that was affecting the American people in any way.

The whole Whitewater/Lewinsky investigation was such a senseless waste of time and money. Who the h*ll really cares who Clinton had/has relations with - besides his wife, and what business is it of anyone else's??

All that time and effort and MILLIONS of hard-earned taxpayer dollars that were thrown away on the useless Ken Starr investigation could have been spent trying to not only prevent the tragedies of September 11, and the USS Cole bombing, but also track down Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar (Taliban leader) and other key al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders, and remove them from power before they had a chance to wreak havoc and death on thousands of innocent people.

Clinton is not responsible for 9/11. Bin Laden & the murderous terrorists, Linda Tripp, Ken Starr, and the right-wing Republicans who harassed Clinton from the moment he decided to run for President, badgering him about everyone and everything from Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones, to Whitewater, and Monica Lewinsky. They pursued him and hounded him, never letting him have a moment's peace. It's no wonder that he was so concentrated on protecting himself from these vultures that he underestimated the threat of bin Laden, al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

If Clinton had not been forced to waste his time defending himself on such stupid, and ridiculous charges which should never have been brought up or investigated in the first place, then maybe he could have devoted more time to preventing terrorist attacks like the USS Cole bombing, September 11, the Bali, Madrid London, and Bombay bombings, and then the 3000+ innocent people who died in these tragedies would still be alive.

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Survival Odds Worsen for Starving People in Niger [20 Oct 2005|01:46pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Survival Odds Worsen in Niger

This kind of thing is EXACTLY what I was talking about in my last post, "Rachael Ray & the Racket of $40 a Day..........."

It's just APPALLING, that there are millions and millions of STARVING people in this world, who barely earn $1 a day, and then have to try to feed their families on that meager pittance, while in this country, big-shot, fat-cat executives, like those at Food Network, produce TV shows like "$40 a Day", where the host, Rachael Ray, goes gallivanting all over the globe, spending $40 for just one day's worth of meals, and then trying to pass that off as bargain dining!!

It is things like this, that makes me realize just how selfish America really is!

While BILLIONS of dollars are being WASTED, and THOUSANDS of innocent lives are being lost in a needless, senseless, and totally un-necessary war in Iraq (Saddam Hussein has been captured, and is now in custody. So why are we still there??) millions of innocent people are dying of hunger and malnourishment, disease, and dehydration, as a result of MASSIVE famines in Niger, the Sudan, North Korea, and other countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.

In the article, it states, "The United Nations says that 2.5 million people need donated food across this West African nation, where an estimated 200,000 children are malnourished and 32,000 are severely malnourished. Food is also needed for 1.7 million people in nearby countries that form a band of hunger thousands of miles across the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. Aid workers complained that officials in Niger resisted offering free food while U.N. officials said a slow international response has deepened the crisis. They said donor governments gave almost nothing even after the drought and a locust infestation last year ensured that Niger would suffer its worst harvest in years."

I think it's just SHOCKING and DISGRACEFUL, that a country as relatively wealthy as the United States, cannot allocate funds to help the truly neediest in the world, that aid is not given towards hunger-relief, and other charitable organizations that work to end poverty.

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Rachael Ray & the Racket of $40 a Day.............. [20 Oct 2005|01:42pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Although at first, I had nothing against the Food Network host, Rachael Ray (other than that her laugh, and certain mannerisms, and idiosyncrasies (like calling Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, "E.V.O.O.") can get really annoying at times), now I CAN'T STAND HER! "$40 a Day", one of the shows that she hosts, for some reason, sticks in my throat, and just really gets to me.

I don't know why it irritates me so much - especially since I do watch it from time to time, when there is nothing better on TV, but maybe its the idea of just ONE person, spending FORTY DOLLARS, for ONE DAY of meals.

I mean, with ALL the poverty, famine, and hunger in the world - with millions of innocent people dying of malnourishment and disease in Africa, Asia, and even right here in the United States, I think it is EXTREMELY selfish for Food Network, and Rachael Ray to go flitting around all over the world spending $40 for just 1 day's worth of meals.

Even most average middle-class families, cannot afford to spend that much. Just think about it and do the math!

If a family of 4 followed this show's formula, they would be spending $160 on food just for ONE day!! Worse, that amount is often more than most average working families have, to spend on groceries for a WHOLE MONTH!!

But because Rachael Ray is feasting on someone else's dime, she doesn't consider that $40 a Day, is no real bargain. Anyone, if they have the money, can find ways to spend $40 a day on just food! If not $40, why not $60, or $100??

If they really wanted to make a point, they should show ways to save money while dining out. They should instead, make a show, $20 a Day, so that average working people, who aren't making thousands of dollars an episode, for their shows, can find restaurants that they can eat at without totally blowing their budget.

Because this show is so elitist, the way it currently is. Most people cannot afford to go flitting to restaurants all over the world, spending $40 a day.

There is so much poverty and hunger in the world. The other day I saw an article about a famine in Niger, Africa, where millions of children are dying of malnourishment and dehydration. The children are so emaciated that their ribs, and other bones are totally protruding through their skin.

At the same time, on "$40 a Day", Rachael is spending $3 or $4 on a Danish, and another $2 or $3 on a plain coffee, not including tip and tax, in a swanky coffee-shop, that would cost half that, or even less at most regular places.

That is why I can understand why some people HATE Rachael Ray, and why there are even web articles, blogs, and online communities for "Rachael Ray haters" (Rachael Ray Sucks Community, Favorite/Least Favorite Food Celebrities)

It just gets to me. Personally, I think that Food Network should cut Rachael's budget in about half or so. Make it $20 a Day, and then donate the other $20 to charities that work to end hunger and poverty, like Second Harvest, Heifer Project International, and other relief organizations.

The purpose of this is two-fold.

One, Rachael Ray will learn the concept of budgeting, and will be able to show her viewers ways of eating out and still saving money.

Two, if the $20 per episode is instead donated to hunger-relief charities, then it will help a lot of people. Even though $20 may not seem like a lot, especially to those living comfortably in America, in countries like Niger, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and the Sudan, $20 can buy a lot of good, healthy food, for a lot of desperate, starving people. Plus, $20 multiplied by 20, or 22 (the average 22 episodes in a TV season) it will help take care of a lot more people for a lot longer.

This is just my opinion.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 [19 Oct 2005|06:18am]
[ mood | blah ]

As I mentioned in my previous post, lately, I have become addicted to David E. Kelley's now-cancelled show, "Boston Public", and ever since I got the entire series on DVD, my obsession for this show has been growing by the day!

I know its a drama, and not generally supposed to be funny, but there are SO many scenes that are just HILARIOUS!

I have several favorite scenes, way too numerous to count. One of my MOST favorite, and I think one of the FUNNIEST scenes in the whole series was in "Chapter Thirty-Five" (Episode# 2.12)

In this scene, Marla Hendricks (Loretta Devine) found out about these 3 girls who were bullying another student, Melissa, even conning her into dressing like a prostitute for class, just to humiliate her. After encountering Melissa in the bathroom, unhappily removing the gobs of makeup the girls put on her, Ms. Hendricks storms down the hall, and pulls them out of class. She lines them up against the lockers, and as she is reprimanding them, one of the girls rolls her eyes, whereupon Marla snarling, threatens to tape her eyelids shut. Then when that same girl tries to offer a lame defense, the other two girls start laughing. Marla compares them to sheep, and starts making them "Baa!" out loud!!

Everytime I see this episode, I'm just rolling around with laughter at seeing those snotty, stuck-up, and nasty girls getting their comeuppance, standing there baa-ing!! It's just HILARIOUS!!!!

Some of my other favorite scenes are:

When Steven Harper opens a locker and finds Anthony Ward just standing there, wearing only a diaper. I LOVED the look on Mr. Harper's face! It was CLASSIC!!

Steven helps Aisha when her father is hospitalized and comforts her when he dies

When Marla & Danny have the fist-fight and wind up in Steven Harper's office together. The guilty/ashamed looks on their faces is just HILARIOUS!!

When Marcy Kendall announces to Scott Guber that she is pregnant, and then in trying to support her, he angrily confronts the father

When Scott Guber comes to the clinic to support Marcy Kendall with her pregnancy, and tells her that he will be her friend, and that he will stand beside her and be there for her.

When Danny first brings Allison to Winslow and is in the bathroom with her and Steven comes in, and talks so sweetly to Allison and then helps her wash her hands (It was such an Awww moment!)

When Ronnie helps Natalie Stone (Kimberlee Peterson) and her mother who are homeless, by giving them enough money to get back on their feet

When Ronnie supports Natalie's desire to go to the Prom, by donating a beautiful gown and jewelry and helping her with her hair and makeup

The Faculty Talent Show when Steven, Danny, and Ronnie do impressions of "The Honeymooners" and afterwards, all the faculty are presented with diplomas for caring, by the students

When Marylin helps Aisha who is being abused by her boyfriend, and then confesses to Steven about being a domestic violence victim herself

The repeated "SMELL THE SHOE!" and other footwear (boots, socks, etc) dialogue by Helene Parks (though at times it can tend to get irritating)

When Lauren Davis helps the anorexic (I can't remember the character's name offhand) who gets tips from the Pro-Anna website

The Nude Olympics scene, when Lauren gets hit with a breast implant

When Ronnie and Danny help Sri Sumarto who was smuggled into the country and has been sold into slavery to pay the debt

When Ronnie and Colin try to sneak the body out of Guber's closet by pulling the fire alarm

When Marylin, and Kevin Riley stay at the hospital with Christine Banks, as Harry does with Max, Carmen Torres does with Jennifer Cardell, Steven and Scott do with the gay student, and Steven and Lauren do with John LeBlond

The look on Scott Guber's face when Marcy Kendall offers him "hot, scalding oil"

When Harry responds to Juan Figgis, and Jamaal Crenshaw's smart-aleck comments (when Scott Guber discovers the foot in his locker) by repeatedly bopping them on the head with his stack of papers

How Steven so readily allows Sonya Williamson, a 28 year old Winslow dropout, to return to school to take the history course needed to earn her diploma and then how he, Scott and Harvey arrange a Commencement ceremony just for her

When Brooke Harper runs over the goat, and Steven and Luanna come to the school thinking that Brooke killed a person, and so they are bracing themselves as they look under the covered sheet. When they see its a goat, Steven shouts, "It's a GOAT!", several times, so Luanna tries to shush him and Steven replies "IT'S A GOAT!!"

When Harvey Lipschultz tells Steven and Scott that he is going to have sex because he's read that its the key to keeping vital, and then he inherits Viagra and shows it to them, and Steven is like, "You INHERITED VIAGRA!!", and then Scott tries to fire Harvey for having non-prescribed drugs on school property, adding that he shouldn't worry because Steven will hire him back in two weeks

I also LOVE the scene (s) when Scott Guber and Ronnie Cooke are trying to help Marcy Kendall with the mechanical baby (Baby Think it Over) after it is crying and Marcy calls it a Nazi and yells, "Shut up, Adolf!!", and then the baby pees on Scott while he is holding it. Later Scott is helping Marcy, who is trying to bathe the baby and its crying, so Scott suggests that she sing and when the baby still keeps crying, Marcy is about to bang him against the table, saying something like, "Say goodbye, Adolf!!" Also I LOVE how Scott and Ronnie band together to try to help Marcy decide what to do with her baby.

There are SO many more scenes and episodes of "Boston Public" that I LOVE, too many to count!

I LOVE Boston Public, and like I said in my previous post, I constantly wish that Winslow High was real and I could go there. I LOVE all the characters - even Harvey!

Boston Public is GREAT!! I am so glad I have this wonderful show on DVD!! I just hope that they start releasing official season sets soon!!!!

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My Obsession with "Boston Public" [19 Oct 2005|05:24am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Lately, I have become TOTALLY addicted to the show "Boston Public" which aired on Fox from 2000-2004.

During most of the 4 seasons that "Boston Public" was on the air, I couldn't watch, because its timeslot at 8 PM on Monday nights conflicted with "7th Heaven", another favorite TV show, that airs on the WB Network at the same time.

Though I wanted to see "Boston Public", I was not able to watch it until it moved to Friday nights. Then I started watching regularly, and I LOVED it!!

Like many "BP" fans, I was very disappointed when it was abruptly cancelled without a series finale, even leaving two unaired episodes (which did air about a year later, in syndication, on cable)

Meanwhile, since i had missed the first 2 seasons or so, when the WE (Women's Entertainment) Network started airing syndicated reruns of the show, I started watching it and with each episode, loving it even more and more!

In fact, I loved it so much, that when the AWFUL cable company, Comcast (also known as Comcrap) cancelled WE, along with several other networks and channels, I was missing it so much!

So, I started looking for "Boston Public" episodes online, and recently, I bought the entire series of the show on DVD. Even though there has not yet been any studio DVD release of "Boston Public", I love this show so much that I just got an unofficial but legal set, burned from TV - at least to tide me over until "Boston Public" has a commercial DVD release someday (hopefully soon!)

Ever since I got the DVD set of this GREAT show online, I have loved it more and more each time I watch it.

I seriously think that I am becoming OBSESSED with this show! Since I got this set a few months ago, I have watched each and every one of the 15 discs AT LEAST 5 or 6 times!!

I LOVE nearly every single character on "Boston Public", even Scott Guber, and Harvey Lipschultz!

In fact, although Scott Guber is portrayed as a stern administrator, even earning the nickname, "The Nazi" among the Winslow students, I disagree. I think that he is one of the sweetest characters on the show, and has a heart of gold.

Whenever I watch the show, I wish there was some way that I could go to Winslow High, that I could have had such GREAT teachers like Lauren Davis (Jessalyn Gilsig), Harry Senate (Nicky Katt), Marylin Sudor (Sharon Leal), Ronnie Cooke (Jeri Ryan), Marla Hendricks (Loretta Devine) and others. Even though I know that it's all fictional, and doesn't really exist, I can't help it!

Maybe its because my own high school years were totally f*cked up and robbed from me but every single time that I watch "Boston Public", I constantly wish that Winslow High, and its faculty and administration were real, and that I could go back, just so I could go there to school, instead of Lahser High.

Why couldn't I have had compassionate, supportive, and understanding faculty and administrators, would fight for me, stick up for me, go to the line for me and when needed, even cross the line for me?

For example, like Scott Guber and Steven Harper, who when it was discovered that a bullied student, Anthony Ward, was threatening others and even kept a "hit list", they fought for him, defended him, and did everything they could possibly do to keep him from being suspended or expelled. Or Marla Hendricks who lines nasty bullies in the hall, threatens to tape their eyelids shut, and then makes them "Baa!" like sheep! Or Marylin Sudor, Lauren Davis, Harry Senate, Kevin Riley, Scott Guber, and Steven Harper, who have all sat at the hospital with various students, just to talk to them and keep them company. Why couldn't I have been lucky enough to have soemone like Scott Guber, who even after having $100 stolen from him, goes to an online gambling company and threatens to expose their practices, and sue on behalf of the student who had just stolen from him.

With such caring, understanding, compassionate and supportive teachers and administrators like those on "Boston Public", I can't help but wish that there were just some way, any way that I could go back, and have gone to Winslow High instead.

But, alas, that is not possible so all I can do is just live vicariously through this show, and probably through my future children, someday.

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Welcome & An Introduction [13 Oct 2005|01:21am]
[ mood | blah ]


Welcome to my Blog!

I'm Ami, and if you've seen my profile, you know I'm a 27 year old girl from Michigan, and what some of my hobbies and interests are.But there is a lot more to me than can be said in the limited space available in the profile.

As it says on the bio, my name is Ami. But that is just online. In real life, it is not my name, but my nickname. I am a 27 year old girl, and my birthday is June 9, 1978. I was born in Michigan, and live in the suburbs of Detroit.

I'm 5'1 (yes, I'm a shorty!) & I'm not telling my weight until I lose A LOT of it (LOL!) I'm Konkani (Don't know what that is? Look it up online!) I've got dark brown eyes & chest-length jet-black hair. I have 2 piercings in each ear & one in my nose. I'm kind of shy & quiet at first, but once I get to know someone, I'm more outgoing & fun. I'm often talkative, but I'm also very sensitive & a caring listener.


Cool, Spring Breezes
Walking Barefoot through wet grass on warm, sunny days
Watching TV & Movies
Irish Creme Coffee
Cats (the animal, NOT the musical, which I've never seen)
Sushi (but NOT the raw fish kind! LOL!)
Most kinds of ethnic cuisines (Greek, Thai, Malaysian, etc.)
Iced Cappuccino & other smoothies
Seedless Green grapes & Clementine oranges (mmm...fresh fruit!)
Nonfat soft-serve fro-yo & Cookies n' Cream, Coffee, & Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
Cooking and Baking
Bollywood movies (thank goodness for DVD's with English subtitles!!)
Music and Dance
Talking on the Phone
Quality time with my family & friend
Reconnecting with people from the past
ANYTHING 80's & 90's - TV, movies, food (Any Hubba-Bubba? LOL!), pop culture, clothes (remember stirrup pants? LOL!), toys, etc.


Ignorant and close-minded, racist, homophobic, elitist, fraud televangelists like Pat & Gordon Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Billy & Franklin Graham, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, Jack & Rexella Van Impe, Marilyn Hickey, etc.
Right-wing religious fundamentalist Republicans & Missionaries in the Third World, who take advantage of the poverty by using basic survival needs (food, shelter, health care, etc.) to lure desperate people away from their heritage & often ancestral religions like Hinduism, Islam, Sikkhism & Buddhism and manipulate them into converting to Christianity
Animal, child or elderly abuse

I am a self-professed TV addict (LOL!), and proud of it!

As such, I have tons of favorite TV shows. Currently, my top faves are: "7th Heaven", "Strong Medicine", "Law & Order SVU", "Gilmore Girls", "General Hospital", "One Life to Live", "ER", "Reba", "The Simpsons", and the Benjamin Bratt & later Chris Noth (the episodes with Jill Hennessy and S. Epatha Merkerson) years of "Law & Order".

Also when it was on, I loved “Third Watch", "The Division", “Friends", "The Practice", "The Guardian", "Judging Amy", "Homicide - Life on the Street" (the last 2 seasons only), "Boston Public", "State of Grace", "Party of Five", "Beverly Hills 90210", "Any Day Now", "The Huntress" "NYPD Blue" (the Jimmy Smits years) and "Profiler".

Being an 80's child (born in 1978) I also love a lot of TV shows from the mid to late 80's like "Punky Brewster", "Webster", "Perfect Strangers", "Mr. Belvedere", "Who's the Boss?", "The Cosby Show", "Family Ties", "Growing Pains", and "Just the Ten of Us" to name a few. There are some more, whose names I can't think of off the top of my head.

I told you I was a TV addict! LOL!

Also, I love to read and write (especially poetry and fanfiction) and I've got many stories posted on Fanfiction.Net which are listed on my profile page at:


I wanted to start a blog for a while, but since I wasn't sure how to start, and what to put in it, I kept putting it off.

But after surfing through some other blogs, I decided to just take the plunge!

So, in July, I started a blog on Friendster, but despite posting frequently in the beginning, I could not seem to attract any comments, and more to the point, I was wondering if anyone was ever even reading it. In all these months, I have had only 1 comment to my posts.

After reading an article in the local paper about this website, I thought I'd start a blog here, instead.This blog will be a collection of different interesting websites, articles, and other odds and ends, both on the Internet AND off-line, as well as my thoughts and opinions on those and other subjects.


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